Terms of Use

The intercultural online advice of the organization ,Mädchenhaus Bielefeld e.V.’ is an offer for girls and young women aged 12 to 21.

The advice is:

  • Intercultural – we are there for all girls and young women aged 12 and older of every nationality and religion
  • Biased – we are on your side and support your interests
  • Anonymous and confidential – you don’t have to tell us your name and address
  • Free – you won’t get a bill

There are only women, from different cultures, working for our online advice. We speak German, English and Turkish.

A. Registration for the online advice

For the online advice you don’t have to give any personal data. You just need a username and a password to login on our homepage and to read our answers to your messages later. Keep your username and your password secret, so that no one else can login with your username!

You can login day and night and write e-mails. We try to answer your inquiry as soon as possible, at latest after three days you should have received an answer! However, if you write us on Friday or at the weekend it might happen that you don’t get an answer before Tuesday or Wednesday because we don’t work at the weekends.
If you write to us in German, English and Turkish we can answer your mail directly. Inquiries in Albanian, Kurdish or Russian will be translated by an institute of interpreting. That’s why you’ll have to wait a bit longer for an answer. You can rely on the fact that your inquiry will be treated confidentially! If you want to leave the online advice it is important to logout! Just by logging out you can make sure that no other person can read your messages!

B. Your personal data

The giving of your personal data is optional.

We treat your data confidentially.

We just use your data in connection with the consultation.

C. Problems


If you don’t approve of the advice or if there are technical problems please don’t hestitate mailing us:

D. Limits of the advice

You can make use of the online advice to get your problems off your chest by just writing about them. Together with you we can try to find out how to change your situation and we can support you finding new possibilities. We also help you finding a good advice centre near your hometown. However, the online advice can’t replace a therapy!

ATTENTION: If you experience intense violence in your family in which you or someone else is being threatened or abused, you can call the Police directly.

  • Emergency call for immediate help: 112

If you are in an urgent crisis you can call the following numbers anonymously and for free:

  • ,Nummer gegen Kummer’: 0800-1110333 (Monday to Saturday 2pm to 8pm)
  • ,Telefonseelsorge’: 0800-1110111 (day and night!)

When people don’t see a solution anymore and life seems to be unbearable, they sometimes think about death. They imagine death being better than standing the humiliation, disappointments or conflicts any longer. Actually this is not about ending one’s life but about terminating what one can’t bear anymore.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you also think about your life being worthless and that it should stop to overburden you and to be as exhausting. Of course you can write us about that to. We will take you serious and we’ll support you to find out how you can feel better again. Whenever you would want us to help you finding a place where you can get help, we would assist you.

However if you clearly announce that you will commit suicide and that you won’t get involved with any other services that could help you, we have to inform higher authorities (police, etc.)  to your own and our own legal obligated protection. Because of course we want you to stay alive!

The same goes for the fact if you would write us about planning a crazed rampage for example.

E. Unauthorized access to the advice server

In the case of serious violation of the terms of use and in the case of unauthorized access or tries of access to our advice server we will take legal steps and  report this person.

F. Changes in our terms of use

Current changes of these terms of use will be made public on this website.

If you don’t agree with these terms of use you shouldn’t take advantage of our online advice!